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 We are an independent research, innovation, and development on Climate Change solutions. (IRIDCCS) Technologies. Innovative Services and products to serve our customers with excellent quality services.

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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking innovation in clean energy: SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. This revolutionary house power machine is unlike anything that has existed before.

With a successful demonstration of our working model and pilot project after many prototypes tested in New Jersey, New Mexico and overseas Cedar Rapids become the winners of the technology, we are ready to unveil the importance of this new technology for humanity. At the heart of innovation, SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY stands as a beacon of hope and progress for humanity.

Our mission is to harness the power of nature to fuel our lives, sustainably and responsibly.


A Leap Forward for Sustainable Energy 

SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is a testament to human ingenuity and a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. Our machine is environmentally friendly, operating with zero emissions and minimal impact on the natural world.

Ready for the US and Global Market 

​We are excited to share that SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is not just a concept; it's a reality that's ready for the global market. This technology is set to redefine what's possible in clean energy production, offering a solution that is both powerful and responsible.

Join the Revolution. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the clean energy revolution. For more information and to stay updated on SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, contact us today. Together, we can power the future sustainably.

Empowering Humanity with Sustainable Energy 

SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is more than just a machine; it's a vision for a cleaner, brighter future. Our pioneering house power technology is the first of its kind, designed to meet the needs of our planet without compromising its health.


- Environmentally Friendly: Zero emissions, minimal noise, and no harm to wildlife.

- Innovative Design: A unique combination of Air, Sand, and Water (ASW) to generate power.

- Proven Success: Demonstrated working model and pilot project.

- Market Ready: Set to revolutionize the US and global energy sectors.

Join the Clean Energy Revolution 

SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is not just a product; it's a movement. A movement towards a sustainable lifestyle, towards energy independence, and towards a legacy we can be proud of. We invite you to join us on this journey to power the world, one clean breath at a time.


Be a Part of the Change

For more information and to join the revolution, contact us. Together, we can create a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Contact Us for More Information at:

How can I request and get involved in pilot projects?
To get involved in SECE ENERGY’s pilot projects, you can follow these steps:

Contact SECE ENERGY LLC: Reach out to them directly via email at Express your interest in requesting a pilot project for technology deployment and provide any relevant details about your organization or location.

Visit our website: Check out the SECE ENERGY LLC website for more information on their technology and ongoing projects. They may have additional contact forms or resources available.

Stay Updated: Follow SECE ENERGY LLC on social media platforms and subscribe to their YouTube channel for the latest updates and announcements regarding pilot projects and other opportunities.

Engage with Local Authorities: If you’re part of a governmental body, environmental agency, or an organization focused on clean energy, consider collaborating with SECE ENERGY LLC to bring their technology to your area.

What are the eligibility criteria for requesting and participating in pilot projects?
To participate in SECE ENERGY’s House power Machine: SECE ENERGY POWER PLANT contact at for pilot projects, there are several key eligibility criteria to consider: 

Type of Organization: SECE ENERGY LLC is looking for a diverse range of participants, including:

Industrial Clients: Companies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and integrate sustainable energy solutions.

Governmental Bodies: Public sector entities focused on meeting environmental targets and investing in clean energy infrastructure.
Environmental Agencies: Organizations dedicated to combating climate change and promoting green technologies.

Investors and Grant Agencies: Visionary investors and grant agencies interested in supporting cutting-edge environmental technology.

Geographical Location: SECE ENERGY LLC is extending an exclusive invitation to the first 10 countries and 10 US states that express interest in participating in the pilot projects for technology deployment.

Commitment to Sustainability: Participants should demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This includes a willingness to adopt and integrate SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY into their operations or infrastructure.

Collaboration and Support: Organizations should be open to collaborating with SECE ENERGY LLC and providing the necessary support for the successful implementation and monitoring of the pilot projects.

Infrastructure and Resources: Having the appropriate infrastructure and resources to support the deployment and operation of SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is essential.
By meeting these criteria, your organization can be part of an innovative journey towards a sustainable and clean energy future. 


Unveiling the Future of Clean Energy with SECE ENERGY LLC

At SECE ENERGY LLC, we embarked on an extraordinary journey to revolutionize the energy landscape. Our groundbreaking SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, a house power machine like no other, harnesses the power of air, sand, and water to generate clean, carbon-free energy. This innovative technology, which has never existed on Earth before, is setting new standards in sustainability and efficiency.


Why Pilot Projects? To ensure the successful deployment of this novel technology, we initiated pilot projects in select locations. These projects serve as a proving ground, demonstrating the immense potential and reliability of SECE® ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. By partnering with forward-thinking organizations and communities, we are showcasing how this technology can transform energy generation and consumption for deployment.

Key Highlights:

Innovative Technology: Witness the unique four-engine clean process cycle in action, delivering unparalleled energy efficiency.
Global Impact: Our pilot projects, ranging from 5000 watts to 5 megawatts, are significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs.


Exclusive Opportunities: We are inviting the first 10 countries and 10 US states to join us in pioneering this revolutionary technology.

Join us in this exciting venture and be part of the clean energy revolution. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come. 

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IOWA WELCOMES SECE ENERGY LLC: The future of clean power and prosperity - IssueWire

IOWA WELCOMES SECE ENERGY LLC: The future of clean power and prosperity - IssueWire


Ulrich Ndilira Rotam discovered and invented sece™ energy, a new clean, independent, and affordable energy technology and climate change solutions by IRIDCCS technologies. | FinancialContent Business Page

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IRIDCCS LLC (Independent Research Innovation and Development on Climate Change Solutions) aims to Provide sustainable solutions with inventions and innovations to serve customers by reducing CO2 to tackle Global warming.


We are a company of technology, innovative service, and products on climate change solutions. We interconnect with our teams of scientists, engineers, technicians, operators, experts, and consultants to serve our state, the US, and other regions. 



Climate Change impacts are real and what can we do for solutions to save the earth?
<<With the speed and status of the current climate change consequences: If the earth has any carbon emissions regulation, we are maintaining zero living place for our future generation and doing nothing to save our planet in the universe>>

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SECE™ ENERGY is an Engine that generates electricity from small scale to large scale

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IRIDCCS Best of America Small Business Awards: BEST STARTUP ENERGY 2023

02_Winners Certificate Best Startup_06 conv 1.jpeg

We are pleased to inform our public that the IRIDCCS is a Best of America Small Business Award: BEST START-UP ENERGY 2023.

This is a significant achievement for which IRIDCCS is to be commended.


It is time to share this initial success with our business community and thank all our customers and partners for supporting the company to succeed.


Our clean energy technologies are under testing and will be on the market soon.

Thank you.

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