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IRIDCCS is a company of research, Innovations, and Development to provide sustainable solutions with inventions, innovations, and improvements to customers at different levels to achieve their activities goals without polluting the environment with greenhouse gases and tackling global warming locally and globally to save our planet.



  • Furnishes solutions on sustainable clean energy with zero carbon and pollution-free.

  • Offers solutions on control and availability of water and replenishes trees' plants at a small and large scale for Climate-smart ecosystem solutions.

  • Work on science issues with technical and understanding solutions to accelerate the Reduction of greenhouse gas pollution with a real Net zero emissions economy and jobs.

  • Provides technology to speed the decarbonization of Industrial sectors with Renewable and Clean Energy Innovations.

  • We Provide sustainable, renewable clean energy with more availability and low cost to disadvantaged communities.



IRIDCCS LLC's primary focus is on climate change solutions: water, Clean Energy, and the environment. We come with climate and environmental solutions to fit significant needs with more availabilities for efficiency and sustainability to different customers: sectors include Cities, Industries, transportations, reforestation, agriculture, animals’ husbandry with advantages for disadvantaged communities.


Our Planet is facing major problems, and Sciences need to do more.

Burned Forest
Wild Fire
Farm Fields

IRIDCCS is developing more news clean, renewable, sustainable energy on electric plants, and motors.

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