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The studies of increasing greenhouses gases like (CO2), carbon dioxide, methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) in our atmosphere showed a negative change on our planet earth.

The climate change issue concerns all of us on earth, in only 271 years considering the period of our high industrializations, especially with: coals, Oils, gas, land activities, cement industries. 

The Paris climate agreement in 2015 was one of the best goals humanity fixes by taking a critical road map to reduce the global temp below 2 Deg C.


The universe evolves with different variations from small to large scale. Coming to the planet's environment and climate, there is various differentiation from one region to another. 
On earth, there are always change in temperature and weather patterns.
The earth had many different periodic modifications on atmospheric changes. The different compositions and adaptations of atmosphere interacting as a result of biological, chemicals, geographic make a significant change on atmospheric. 
These dynamic fluids are constantly in motion effect. 
Solar radiation, continents, oceans, icebergs, forest fire, current open volcanos, magma, etc., change the physical properties of climate. Bring some changes in temperature, precipitations, windiness, humidity, 

Star Cluster
Mountain Ridge
Red Landscape


The measuring over a long period, including temperature, precipitations, wind patterns of climate, show an increasing change on different parameters. Since we started around the 18th century, industrialization human activities have become more aggressive to the global environment. Consequently, the earth keeps heating fast compared to previous centuries and millennia. We burn too much fossil fuels like oil, gas, coal, bringing massive changes to the earth's climate. Today, we can observe and live with enormous consequences of the rise in global temperatures from greenhouse gases as effects of increasing temperature.

Hurricane Damage
Hurricane Waves
Desert Views
Tropical Storm
Dry Dead Trees

Global Average Temperature

July 2022 was the sixth warmer global temperature on the surface recorded at 1.57°F above the 20th century average of 60.4°F (NOAA).

We recorded many high temperatures around the globe showing the Earth is warming very fast these last years.

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